I grew up in the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. My farther was a journalist and my mother a secretary. My brother studied marketing economics and I... I liked acting the clown. Although nobody in my family was in the world of performing arts I led myself in that direction and began to sing.

At first in the shower, then in a band. I participated in a couple of school productions and later at weddings of friends.

Gradually the actor in me grew and I enjoyed it enormously. To reach an audience. To inspire them emotionally in a scene or through a song. Joy, anger, sadness, relief. That became my passion and my drive.

During this I attended a 1 year introduction course to be able to teach Physical Education, through which(along with four years of Capoeira training) I gained an interest in more aesthetic movement.

I moved to London 2002 where I received my diploma in performance as well as a scholarship and a Contemporary Dance Award after three years professional training. I have since worked non-stop as an actor, dancer and singer in the West End and all over the UK.